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Mitra INTI Foundation, a non-profit organization, will provide technical assistance to NGOs to empower them to respond effectively to women’s health needs. In fact, technical assistance will be the main activity of Mitra INTI Foundation. Mitra INTI Foundation will also produce and disseminate information for individual, NGOs and GIs, but in different ways. This activity is expected to raise awareness, influence public opinion, and ultimately to change national policies and laws. In doing those activities, Mitra INTI Foundation committed to use a gender-awareness approach.  

Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam VII C No. 5 B, Jakarta 12810 - I N D O N E S I A 
Tel: 6221 8295136; 8319458
E-mail: yminti@indosat.net.id
Website: http:/situs.kesrepro.info/ymi/