Mitra INTI Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in Jakarta on 28 August 1999, to provide an institution base for multidisciplinary researchers.


During the past eight years, the Foundation has been engaged in technical assistance program on effective monitoring and evaluation program efforts with sufficient loops built in the process, to improve capacity of our beneficiaries to design and to implement effective strategies to accelerate program achievements, as well as to create synergistic partnership and collaboration with other institutions by disseminating information through network, library services, on-line web service, printed books and fact sheets.




A center of excellence on sexual and reproductive health for more healthy Indonesian communities.




To contribute to the improvement of community health in Indonesia through capacity building and technical support, research and information dissemination based on the principles of empowerment and human rights.




The Foundation work out a closer cooperative with other organization concern in RH issues.  The main activity with this networking is exchange-updated information related to RH, such as abortion.  Besides, we have 1064 names of individuals/organizations listed in database, including donor agencies, international and government institutions, hospitals, publishers and libraries.




The main strength of the Foundation as a TA organization comes from its highly qualified, professional, solid, and committed staff to community services, especially in RH.


The other strength is the variety of education background from its staff, that some of them have worked with international organizations.  All of these strengths make Mitra INTI still hold up and move to be a professional TA organization.




Ford Foundation, World Population Foundation, British Council, Pacific Institute for Women’s Health, World Health Organization, International Council on Management of Population Program (ICOMP), UNAIDS, UNDP, Ministry for Health, Ministry for Women Empowerment, the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (NFPCB), Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA), Indonesian Midwives Association, Primary Health Centers.